X-Fab mixed-signal design Kit for Siemens’ Tanner tools

X-Fab mixed-signal design Kit for Siemens’ Tanner tools

“The kit is based on silicon-proven circuitry, providing coverage of the flow to design and simulate analogue and mixed-signal ICs,” according to X-Fab which “provides its customers reference design flows based on its established process design kits. Reference design kits allow users to determine which EDA tools and flows are natively supported by a specific process design kit, as well as which set-up might be required.”

It provides support for tool set-up, design and simulation flow, as well as demonstrating how X-FAB PDKs can be used with the EDA environment for physical verification.

“Reference design kits have proved themselves to be pivotal in demonstrating the design flows that can be achieved using X-Fab process design kits and IPs,” said X-Fab design support director Lars Bergmann.

Tanner IC design tools include schematic and layout editors.

X-Fab operates AMS and MEMS foundries for automotive, industrial, consumer and medical ICs. and other applications. Its has CMOS and SOI processes ranging from 1µm to 130nm, and silicon carbide. In employs ~3,800 people worldwide across six production facilities, in Germany, France, Malaysia and the US.

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