Will the CNC machining requirements be higher ? The smooth surface is better ?

How does the surface roughness of cnc machining parts Aluminum alloy meet 0.8 ?
Use a milling cutter with a large diameter to make the rotation speed as high as possible, but the machine tool can't be shocked. The rough milling leaves 0.3-0.5mm and then finishes the finishing. Can it be enough to reach the speed of the milling cutter? The blade is sharp or not. The milling cutter head with a large diameter is for easy to achieve high line speed, and the light increasing speed does not increase the diameter of the milling cutter disc. In general, it is possible to achieve a roughness of 0.8. In addition, a sufficient amount of cutting fluid is added during finish milling.
What are the requirements for precision Cnc Machining parts ?What is the smooth surface roughness of CNC machining parts ?Generally, ordinary machine tools are processed at about 3.2, and high-speed machines can achieve a finish of 1.6;  pay attention to the tools and cutting parameters used in machining.Is the surface roughness value of the part smaller and smooth ?1. About the profiler and the roughness meter The profiler and the roughness meter are not the same product. The main function of the profiler is to measure the contour shape of the surface of the part.
For example: the groove depth, groove width, chamfer (including chamfer position, chamfer size, angle, etc.) of the groove in the automobile part, and the straightness of the surface of the cylinder surface. In short, the profiler reflects the macroscopic profile of the part.  2. The function of the roughness meter is to measure the surface processing quality of the grinding/finishing process on the surface of the part. Generally speaking, the surface of the part is not well processed (the roughness of the old national standard is called smoothness), that is, the roughness reflects The microscopic condition of the surface of the part.

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