Why does the molds also have CNC machining parts processing ?

Why are there so many parts added now, and there are many places where they are applied. With the current development speed of the industry, mechanical equipment is also better in this aspect, and the number is increasing continuously. It is said that CNC precision parts are now required to have high precision because of the high precision. 
The manufacturer's processing, or workmanship, the product rate of the product is much higher.Material to be processed: The hardness of the material to be processed is small, and the more plastic, the more severe the hardening of the material.The shape factor of the tool: the front angle of the cnc machining tool, the rounded corners and the amount of wear behind the tool have a great influence on the cold hardened layer. When the rake angle is reduced and the amount of wear at the edge and the back is increased, the depth and hardness of the cold hardened layer are also increased.  Cutting factor for precision Cnc Machining parts : Changes in cutting speed and feed rate have a large effect on cold work hardening. When the cutting speed is increased, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece of the precision part is short, the degree of plastic deformation is small, and the hardened layer and the hardness are reduced. The feed rate increases, the degree of plastic deformation increases, and the degree of surface cold hardening increases. The above is the main factor in the cold work hardening of CNC parts processing. These phenomena may occur. It may be caused by these factors. As long as the factors appearing above are avoided, there will be no hardening phenomenon. Therefore, in processing At the time, you need to pay more attention.
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