Wholesale New Christmas Theme Single Cake Oven Baking Molds

Christmas Day is coming. Our factory selected red cute deer shape and Christmas tree shape cake molds as a Christmas theme series goods. Let us join together to welcome Christmas Day through making a beautiful Christmas cake.Here is the two bright red color silicone baking cake pans for making small size Christmas them beautiful cute cakes1. Christmas Theme Deer Shape Single Cake Oven Baking MoldsAs you can see, it is a cute cartoon deer. It is flexible, so it is easy for us to detach cake and this cake mould.The size of this Food Grade Cake Mold is 17.6*14.5*3cm, 54gExcept cute deers, Christmas tree is another important symbol of Christmas Day. And the other baking cake shaping tool of this Christamas theme series is a Christmas tree shape baking mould.2. Christmas theme Tree Shape Silicone Oven MoldsThe size of this baking cake muffin tin is 16*12.8*3cm, 39g. And it is on red.This two Christmas cake molds are for making small size cakes. You can use them to bake some small cakes for decorating your big size Christmas cake. Or you can also use them to make some Christmas theme pastries.

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