Wholesale Muffin Pan Tray: Cheap Muffin Cupcake Mold Silicone Material

Muffin & cupcake are always the pastries meet with kids and adults fond.Muffin pan tray and cupcake molds are important baking tools when making muffins. Generally speaking, there are mainly four kinds material muffin molds sold on market: Paper cupcake molds, stainless steel cake molds, Aluminum material cake tray pans, silicone muffin tray molds.How to choose a suitable cake molds?It depends on your need.Aluminum material cake molds for making muffin and cupcake having a light weight. As metal, Aluminum has an excellent thermal conductivity. However, Aluminum will easily deformed.stainless steel cupcake tray is a another baking Mold most of  people use. Similar to aluminum molds, stainless steel trays also has good thermal conductivity. However, compare with other material cake mould, it is heavy and hard to demolding.Single-use paper cupcake molds, for most people, it is convenient but not environmental friendly. Silicone cake tray is reusable, soft and flexible. Because of that, more and more buyers shown a preference to silicone material cake baking molds.What is a good silicone baking tray?As tools directly contact with food, the safety of muffin cake molds, obviously is very important. So safety is the most important factors we should be considered firstly when choose silicone oven trays.A safe silicone muffin mold must be made of food grade silicone rubber. Cake trays can pass FDA and LFGB test, generally speaking, is more trustworthy than those muffin cakes with no certification and no detail information of the supplier and manufactures.Weishun Silicone is a factory can producing high quality kichen baking tools include muffin cake tray, chocolate candy molds, oven mat etc. If you want to order or custom silicone bakware, welcome to contact us.

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