What should I do if there are bubbles in injection molded products?

Analysis of Causes and Countermeasures of Bubble Defects in Injection Molded PartsBubbles in injection molded products are a problem that many people have in the production and processing. Generally speaking, there are many reasons for such problems. However, if they cannot be treated in time, not only will the plastic molding be poor, but also more Therefore, when there are bubbles in the injection molded product, it must be resolved in time. The appearance of air bubbles will make the product fill insufficiently and the surface will be uneven. Vacuum bubbles. This kind of bubbles is mainly caused by the shrinkage of plastic products. When the plastic products with thick walls are cooled, the cooling rate of the surface is faster than the cooling rate in the middle, which will cause the lack of glue at the center of the plastic products. Vacuum-like. Solving this type of vacuum bubbles can be improved by reducing the injection speed, increasing the injection pressure, increasing the feed, and using materials with high melt viscosity levels. At times, bubble defects often occur, and bubbles can be divided into two types: bubbles and vacuum bubbles. Generally speaking, bubbles that occur on transparent products can be directly observed, while bubbles that occur on opaque products are sometimes not visible from the outside, and can only be found by cutting them apart or using other means. The generation of bubbles is generally due to the excessively fast injection speed, and the plastic flow cannot force all the air in the mold cavity to be discharged from the exhaust groove, and the air is mixed into the plastic to form bubbles. Vacuum bubble is due to the slow cooling of the center of the wall thickness of the product, rapid surface cooling and shrinkage will often pull the material over, and uneven volume shrinkage during molding causes voids in the thickness part; the raw material has moisture that appears when it becomes hot and cold. And the contained air quickly turned into bubbles.  
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