What should I do if the CNC machining center servo system fails?

The cnc machining center servo system is a system that provides power to the machine tool. Without the Cnc Machining center of the servo system, the workpiece cannot be machined. Therefore, the servo system is very important in the CNC machining center. If the servo system fails, the entire machining production must stop. The following is a common solution to the fault of the CNC machining center servo system.
The CNC machining center servo system failure mode includes alarms such as abnormal alarm indicators on the speed unit in the CNC, fuse blown, and various protection jump switches. The meaning of the alarm indicator varies with the design of the speed control unit. Generally, there are the following types:
1. The protection switch activates the alarm. The protection switch is a device for protecting the machine tool. For example, a large voltage will burn some components and other emergency measures that cannot be controlled by the machine tool. When these conditions are encountered, the protection switch will be activated to avoid unnecessary Component damage, similar to a safe stop.
2. If the voltage is too low, the machine will be alarmed. The probability of such a machining center is very small. This may be caused by the input voltage being less than 85 percent of the rated value or due to poor power connection.
3. The feedback route of the detection speed is broken, which causes the alarm. This situation is a false alarm, because the airport has no problem, and there is a problem in the detection feedback system. Most of the alarms occur are the speed feedback line of the CNC servo motor of the machining center. Broken or caused by poor contact with the detection feedback line.
4, overload alarm, the cause of the overload alarm is the machining center CNC mechanical load is not normal, or the upper limit of the motor current on the speed control unit is set too low. The permanent magnet on the permanent magnet motor will also cause an overload alarm. If the motor of the machining center without the brake is unloaded, it will be difficult to turn the shaft or rotate the shaft when it is unloaded, which means that the permanent magnet is completely detached.
5. The fuse on the CNC speed control unit of the machining center is blown or the circuit breaker trips.
6. The current is large, causing the machine tool to alarm. A large current alarm occurs. There are two possibilities under normal circumstances, that is, the large current alarm caused by the damage and short circuit of the power drive component on the CNC speed control unit of the machining center.
7. High voltage will also cause machine tool alarms. There are generally three possibilities for high voltage alarms. It may be that the CNC input voltage of the machining center exceeds 10% of the rated value, or the insulation performance of the servo motor is degraded, or The high voltage caused by the line of the machining center operating speed control unit.

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