What should children pay attention to when wearing masks

Disposable Face Masks are not suitable for infants 6 months old because they do not express the risk of suffocation. Recommended for children over 1 year old.

What are some tips for selecting and using disposable face mask for children?

Adult disposable face masks are not recommended for children with small faces. Children’s masks are usually divided into two sizes: 1-4 years old and 5-12 years old. A suitable mask can adhere to the child’s mouth, nose and face ,to ensure air tightness and reduce the chance of infection.


What condition child cannot wear mask


1. Respirators are not appropriate for children with respiratory distress, vomiting, irritability and lethargy.


2. It is inconvenient to observe the situation when the child is sick with a mask, so parents should pay more attention to the subtle changes of the child.


Disposable face mask

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