What performance to choose when choosing a punch

The types of punch accessories available on the market are also very different. In addition to the price difference between well-known brand accessories and non-famous brand accessories at home and abroad, the hidden dangers in the long-term performance of precision punches are self-evident and obvious. Therefore, it is one-sided and unscientific to judge the quality of punching press by only renting the appearance and price, and it will often cause customers to purchase inferior punching equipment.

Especially today, when the precision requirements of precision press equipment are getting higher and higher, the improper installation of a certain press accessories will affect the accuracy of the whole machine and cause damage to the interests of customers. At the same time, if the quality of small parts is not up to standard, it will also affect the normal use of customers, which will inevitably increase the maintenance time and management cost of the customer’s punching machine, and increase the production and maintenance costs.

In the stamping industry, the brand selection of standard accessories for precision punch presses has an impact on the quality and price of the whole machine. Many customers will only pay attention to the appearance, parameters and price of the whole machine because they do not understand the equipment when purchasing punch presses and supporting equipment. Punch performance, workmanship and quality verification of accessories, completely ignorant of the accessories.

Therefore, when customers purchase stamping equipment, they must not blindly choose. Before signing a contract, they must learn more about the punch manufacturer’s R&D and production levels, as well as the brand and process of standard accessories or optional core components, and they can also pass the trial model. The performance of the whole machine can be checked by actual operation such as, sample, etc. for comprehensive evaluation.

For precision punch presses with the same appearance, the quality of optional accessories varies during assembly and production. Some accessories may seem inconspicuous, but they have a great impact on the normal operation and overall performance, efficiency and service life of the press.

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