What kind of parts are the Non-standard parts ?

In the process of the processing cnc machining industry, there are always many parts that we don't know, but it plays a different role and effect in the processing industry. Various parts have different functions for various parts. Non-standard parts processing is one of them, then what kind of parts are non-standard parts?
Non-standard parts are proposed relative to standard parts. Non-standard parts are mainly other parts that the state has not set strict standard specifications, and there are no relevant parameter regulations, which are freely controlled by the enterprise.   Classification: 1. Metal non-standard parts: The drawings are provided by the customer. The manufacturer uses the equipment to produce the corresponding products according to the drawings. Usually, the molds are mostly, the tolerance requirements, and the finish are all specified by the customer. There is no certain paradigm.
  2. Non-metallic non-standard parts: processing of some non-metallic materials. Such as plastic, wood, stone, etc.   The above is the introduction of non-standard parts and what kind of parts, it is produced according to the requirements of customers, there is no fixed standard specifications, you can make according to your own requirements,
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