What is tungsten?

Tungsten is a silver-white metal with a melting point as high as 3400. C; Tungsten has high hardness, high density and good high temperature strength. Tungsten is mainly used in the production of cemented carbide and ferro tungsten. Tungsten, chromium, molybdenum, cobalt and other components composed of heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys are used to make tools, metal surface hardening materials, and blades of combustible pullers. Tungsten is a refractory alloy with tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, etc. Tungsten-copper and tungsten-silver alloys are used to make parts of electric bulbs, electronic tubes, and electrodes for arc welding. Some compounds of tungsten can be used as fluorescent agents, pigments, dyes and so on. Tungsten is widely used in oil and gas, mining, electronics, metal processing, machinery and equipment, and heavy manufacturing. These sectors make the application of tungsten up to 85% of the total. Others are used in the military, nuclear energy and aerospace industries. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the application range of China’s tungsten is gradually expanding, and the product variety is increasing day by day, which greatly meets the needs of national economic construction and national defense and military construction. The United States, Japan, and Western Europe are the world’s major consumers of tungsten, accounting for 60% to 65% of total world consumption. However, the output of tungsten concentrates in these countries can only meet 12% to 15% of demand, and most of them rely on imports to meet demand. Therefore, it is also the most important importer of tungsten. China is the world’s largest supplier of tungsten.

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