What is titanium foil for?

Titanium foil material is mainly used for loudspeaker and loudspeaker treble film, using titanium foil to make high fidelity high, clear and bright sound. Titanium foil materials can also be used for precision accessories, used for bone implants.

Titanium, which has a steel-like appearance and a silver-gray gloss, is a transition metal and has been considered a rare metal for some time. Titanium is not a rare metal. It accounts for about 0.42 percent of the total weight in the earth's crust, 16 times more than copper, nickel, lead, and zinc combined. It ranks seventh in the metal world, with more than 70 minerals containing titanium. Titanium has high strength, low density, high hardness, high melting point and strong corrosion resistance. High purity titanium has good plasticity, but becomes brittle and hard in the presence of impurities.

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