What Is The Usage For Silicone Beverage Bottle Sealer?

What is The Usage for silicone Beverage Bottle Sealer?

Silicone material: the silicone beverage bottle sealer is made of silicone material, mainly featured with heat resistance, durability, non-toxic and odorless, not easy to corrode or break, safe for you to block the wine or beverage bottles with them, also you can use them repeatedly for a long time.

Multiple colors: there are totally 5 bright colors for your choice, including red, orange, blue, purple, black, not easy to fade, convenient for you to well match with various bottles according to the theme of different festivals or parties, which will bring a enjoyable experience.

Fresh-keeping: when you cannot drink off the rest of wine or beverage, you can insert the silicone beverage bottle sealer into your wine bottle to prevent your drinks from connecting the air in time, which can keep them fresh for a longer time without changing its taste for next enjoy.

Suitable occasion: the silicone beverage bottle sealer can be often seen at birthday party, family gathering, wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day or other formal occasions, also applicable for wine, beverage, oil, vinegar, soy sauce or other bottles.

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