What Is The Price Of Silicone Chocolate Making Molds Ice Cube Trays

What is the market price of silicone products?How much are silicone molds and trays on factory?Are them expensive?For most customers and retailers, cheap and high quality products is more welcome. However, due to some limitation of themselves, it will be hard for them to judge whether the price offered by supplier is reasonable. And many buyers will wast a lot of time and strength on survey before do a last decision.So, what is a reasonable price of silicone material chocolate molds and ice cube trays?Silicone molds for shaping chocolate and ice cube, actually is not expensive. Due to their creative and unique shapes and various sizes, silicone Mold is a kind of profit product because there are so many demands of chocolate molds and ice cube molds.How much is silicoen mold for making chocolate and ice cube on Factory?Four Cavities Skull Shape Ice Molds, for example:Unit price: $2/pcsAs it is clear that this ice cube tray is creative, unique and attractive.It's price slightly highter than ordinary shape silicone molds due to the additional cost of design and technology needed on production process.

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