What is the meaning of CNC machining?

cnc machine 锣 machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the cnc part after machining are in accordance with the ideal geometric parameters. The higher the degree of conformity, the higher the machining accuracy.
The degree of deviation of the actual geometric parameters of the part after cnc machining from the ideal geometric parameters is called Cnc Machining error. The accuracy of CNC machining is measured by the size of the machining error. If the error is large, the accuracy is low, and vice versa.
CNC machine 锣 machining accuracy includes three dimensions: dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy.
1. The dimensional accuracy of CNC machine 锣 machining
The degree to which the CNC machine is machined to the surface of the part itself or between the actual dimensions of the part and the ideal part size. The ideal part size is the median of the dimension on the part.
2, CNC machine computer 锣 processing shape accuracy
The degree to which the actual shape of the surface of the part after machining of the CNC machine is in accordance with the surface shape of the ideal part. The ideal part surface shape refers to an absolutely accurate surface geometry.
3, CNC mechanical computer processing position accuracy
The degree of conformity between the actual position of each part of the CNC machine computer and the surface of the ideal part is determined. The position between the surfaces of an ideal part is the absolute exact position between the surfaces.

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