What Is Silicone Bibs For Toddlers

Baby 100% safety – silicone Bibs For Toddlers are made from top food grade silicone without BPA. Super soft and lightweight material makes baby feel much more comfortable than other brands and can be rolled up for easy carrying.

Great food Catcher – every little guy is the one who makes a mess at dinner. Our silicone bibs for toddlers have wider and deeper openings than other brands and can effectively capture any food or liquid that a baby drops. These can keep baby's lovely clothes clean and make meal time easier!

Super easy to clean – smooth surface, stain resistant, no water absorption. Just wipe it with a small amount of soap and water or put it in the dishwasher – it doesn't take as long to dry as a fabric bib.

Suitable for 6-month-old to 6-year-old – Our silicone bibs for toddlers have six buttons at the back, which can provide different sizes, so it will grow with your baby in the next few years!

Multi-colors and custom logo – Our silicone bibs for toddlers have 6 colors for your chooice. Besides, we can customize logo according to your design.

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