what is Auto lathing machining

What is auto lathing?According to the quantity of principal axis,the auto lathe divide into single axis and multi-axis.The auto lathe always use cam and stop dog to control the knife rest automatically,the movement of spindle box and other assistant movement.The single spindle longitudinal auto lathe always use cold-drawing bar as blank.The workpiece will rotate and also do longitudinal feed along with the spindle box.The knife rest will do transverse cutting and feeding.It can help getting higher machining precision.The auto lathe machine will always equip attachment for drilling,reaming and threading.It is an important machining equipment for instrument industries.The single spindle turret auto lathe have turret knife rest and several transverse knife rest.So it can use several kinds of knives cutting and it is suitable for machining small and complex components. If the auto lathe can equip a auto bar feeder,the efficiency will be highly improved. For example,if we machining components use a bar with diameter 8mm,while the auto lathe equip a auto bar feeder,we can put 52 bar every time.Every operator can control more machines.And it will not stop machining because the operator is leaving.The efficiency can improve at least 30% than the traditional auto lathe and it can help reduce at least 40% labor cost. Lemo not only provide cnc machining but also provide auto lathing to you.If you are searching for a qualified Chineseauto lathing supplier,please contact us.You can send email to [email protected] And you can visit our website www.ptjmachining.com  for more information.

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