What is ASP60 steel? What are the applications of ASP60 steel?

%: C: 2.03 Si: 4.0 Mn: 7.0 Cr: 6.5 Mo: 10.5 V: 6.5   Good grinding performance

Good heat treatment dimensional stability

good toughness

Very good red hardness

Very good wear resistance  ASP60 steel is especially suitable for single-edged tools with high requirements for steel abrasion resistance and red hardness.

There are knives, cut-off turning tools, forming knives, cold work tools, and knives used to process materials that are difficult to machine.

The machining performance of ASP 60 is low in the annealed state. If the tool manufacturing permits, ASP 60 will show good performance on the final tool. For example: end mills, cutters with simple shapes but extremely long life, or simple cold work tools.  ASP60 steel can reach very high hardness and red hardness. In addition, ASP60, like other ASP series steels, has the advantage of good stability in size and shape during hardening. Moreover, no matter the size, it has the same toughness. Machining performance is lower than other high-speed steels. Grinding performance is better than other high-alloy high-speed steel, but slightly inferior to ASP30.  Temperature ℃

20 400 600


Kg/m³ 7960 7860 7810

Elastic Modulus

KN/mm² 250 222 200

Thermal expansion coefficient

every ℃ from 20℃ 10.410-6 10.810-6

Thermal conductivity

W/m℃ 24 28 27

specific heat

J/Kg℃ 420 510 600  ASP60 can perform thermoplastic forging, machining, grinding, electrical processing, welding and polishing like other high-speed steels. But avoid cold forming.

Grinding and electrical machining can be applied to high-alloy ASP 60 well. During grinding, local surface overheating must be avoided. Tungsten steel or high-speed steel tools can be used for machining.   flexural strength is used to measure the toughness of a material. The toughness and hardness of the material can be controlled by different quenching temperatures.

This bending test specimen is a round bar with a diameter of 5mm after quenching and tempering at 560℃ three times, holding for one hour each time.

Rmb=Ultimate bending strength KN/mm2, ±10%.

Reb= bending yield strength KN/mm2, ±5%.

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