What impact does the mold have on Automobile manufacturing ?

We all know that the components using mold forming technology have certain adaptability. It itself requires relatively thin and must have certain shape.Components such as crankshafts and connecting rods, which have thickness and diameter, are difficult to stamp with a die. At present, the most common method is to use a Mold to make the rough of the crankshaft, and then use cutting to finish the machining.The advantage of using the mold is that it can reduce costs, save time, and improve production efficiency, so that enterprises can be invincible in the fierce competition now. However, the current molds used in automobile manufacturing are still plastic components, lights, steel shells and other accessories. The true core engine of a car still uses cutting technology, not mold technology.
Except that the engine cannot use the mold technology, the crankshaft used in the car also cannot use this technology.What is the reason ?
The level of technology and technological content of mold production has become an important mark to weigh the technology and product manufacturing level of a country. It largely determines the quality, efficiency and development ability of new products, and determines the manufacturing of a country. Industry's international competitiveness.According to the development status of the domestic and international mold market, Luo Baihui, a mold expert, speculates that after the mold of our country undergoes industrial structure adjustment, the accuracy of the mold will become higher and higher.
Molds are the basic process equipment produced by industry. In electronics, automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, meters, home appliances, and communications, 80% to 90% of parts and components are formed by molds. The shape of the mold determines the shape of these products. The quality and accuracy of the mold processing determines the quality of these products.
With the increasing economic and living standards, the number of cars has also risen. When we saw so many cars, we couldn't help but realize the huge output behind the manufacturers.
There is no doubt that China's mold industry has led the development of the automotive industry. What impact does the mold have on automobile manufacturing and what requirements does the Automobile manufacturing industry have for the mold industry ?
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