What fields of precision CNC machining parts are used ?

There are many kinds of precision machining in the industry, and its use is still relatively wide. In each industry, it is used more frequently, and precision machining is divided into many kinds, then precision machinery Which fields does the parts processing apply to !
Precision CNC-machining parts processing is widely used in national defense military fields,Such as: national defense, Medical equipment, Aerospace and Electronics production. As the optimization and upgrading of China's industrial structure continues to develop, the demand for mechanical parts processing is also increasing. Therefore, it is highly valued by the state; therefore, the state has invested a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources in this area to develop and train talents for precision cnc machining parts in China.
First of all, there are many universities in China that offer courses in precision machinery parts processing technology. Among them are Northwestern Polytechnical University, Beijing Institute of Technology and Changchun University of Technology. The processing of precision CNC mechanical parts is the basis and system technology of mechanical manufacturing, because it is the foundation of the current industrial development and an important part of the future industrial development.
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