What factors determine the price of die casting mold processing

Everyone knows that in the field of die-casting Mold processing, there are many factors that affect the price, even if the quotations of different manufacturers of the same set of die-casting molds are different. So why are there these differences? What are the factors that determine the price of die-casting Mold processing?

Factors affecting the processing price of die-casting molds:

Reason 1: In the face of die-casting molds of different structures, the production process is different. Some can be solved by Mold design, and some can also be processed by subsequent post-processing. In this case, the former is usually selected. The philosophy of the Cube die casting Mould Factory is also that what can be solved by mould design will never be delayed to the post-processing solution, because the quality of the post-processing is more difficult to control and the cost is higher.


Reason 2: Different die-casting Mold processing equipment will also affect the price. Take common EDM as an example. Some products are processed by ordinary EDM, and some products require mirror EDM. Then these two prices It’s completely different. The price of mirror spark machine is often about twice as high as the ordinary one.


Reason 3: The selection of die-casting mold material also has a great impact on the price. Some die-casting parts have special requirements, so it is also important for the selection of die steel. Although they can all be made, the price difference of different materials can be reached. 20-30%.https://sandcasting.org/


Reason 4: Different die-casting molding equipment also has an impact on the price. For the same set of die-casting molds, the price of die-casting molding equipment of different tonnages is also changed. For example, it can be produced with an 88-ton die-casting machine, but due to various special circumstances, choosing a 168-ton die-casting molding equipment will bring a difference in the price of die-casting mold processing, because the output and labor cost of the two equipment are different.

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