What equipment is used for CNC Machining processing?

The use of precision equipment processing, the effect will be better, how to say it, the first is from the processing effect, and then to the processing efficiency is also a lot faster, plus now the smart equipment is constantly increasing, automation is more and more obvious, Therefore, nowadays computer processing, or the technical requirements of milling machine processing is getting higher and higher, now let's understand the computer processing! ! How about computer processing, computer processing market?       Computer processing is configured on a computer that uses a digital control system to process more precise processing and production. Compared with traditional machining, the power or quality of modern computer processing is superior to traditional manual hand.    With the continuous development of computer technology, processing equipment can process more parts at the same time, CNC equipment, now has a greater integration advantage than before, and has become the mainstream form of processing. The strength of the CNC hand plate is reflected in its ability to accurately reflect the information expressed on the drawings, and the quality of the CNC hand board is high, especially after the finished surface painting and silk screen printing, even more brilliant than the products produced after the mold is opened. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for more and more people to choose CNC hand-made processing.How about computer processing, computer processing market?    1. Accuracy and surface roughness of CNC hand-machined parts: If it is required to meet the tolerance of 0.05mm, regardless of the processing equipment or the master of the hand, the requirements are relatively high and the cost is relatively high;     2, CNC hand-worked parts if the material is difficult to process, such as stainless steel, the material hardness is large, you need to use tungsten steel hardened tools, and the computer 锣 needs to be done with Taiwan or Japanese machines, of course, the cost will be better than ordinary High material processing.     3. Structure and size of CNC hand-machined parts: If the product structure is complicated, the processing cost will be much higher; if the overall size of the product is large or the appearance is curved, the processing cost will increase a lot.
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