What are the some skills in precision CNC machining ?

With the rapid development of the various industries in the market, it has been recognized and used by everyone. This is enough to prove the existence of this industry. How important it is, when we are not in contact with this industry, it must be Without a certain understanding, Dongguan precision cnc machining is like this, What are the skills in precision Cnc Machining ?
  1: Remove the jaws of the vise, and machine two M4 threaded holes, two steel plates 2 that are 1.5 mm thick with the jaws, and rive the hard brass plate with a thickness of 0.8 mm with aluminum countersunk rivets. 3 Fasten the M4 countersunk screw 1 to the jaws to form a durable soft jaw. This also maintains the hardware parts from being pinched and interchangeable.    2: Use a magnet to pick up small parts (fees). It is easy to suck and take. You can suck an iron plate 2 under the magnet 1. Not only can you suck a lot of small pieces, but also pull the iron plate open, and the small pieces will automatically start immediately. Poured into the collection box, lacking to be touched, but very applicable.   3: When the pulley is driven, the pulley often slips between the pulley and the axle. On the axle, a series of nests are drawn with ¢15~18mm burrowing drill bits, which can constitute the adsorption force, avoid slipping, turn waste into treasure, and the boss will reward.
  4: When the 1 hex wrench is short and can't be stressed, the tube with the inner diameter slightly larger than the wrench can be inserted into the slot from a section of the milling slot, which can be regarded as a long handle.    5: On the theory that the workpiece is first positioned and then clamped, but about a workpiece, the first clamping and repositioning, because the workpiece will be deformed when clamping, it should be clamped and repositioned, about 6 points. Position, find restrictions on its freedom.      The above are the skills and tips in Dongguan precision CNC machining. We can use these tips to make our processing more convenient and less troublesome. It allows us to reduce the labor without spending so much time and effort in precision CNC machining field.  
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