What are the requirements of the punch for power and temperature conditions

When a punch press is working, it has strict requirements on its surrounding working environment. Regarding its power requirements and temperature conditions, the punch factory will sort out for you:

The ambient temperature of the punch press is lower than 30 degrees Celsius, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. Generally speaking, there are exhaust fans or air coolers inside the CNC electric control box to keep the electronic components, especially the central processor, the working temperature is constant or the temperature difference changes Very small. Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to a reduction in the life of control system components and lead to increased problems.

Ordinary punching equipment in the machining workshop not only has large environmental temperature changes and poor operating conditions, but also has a large number of various electromechanical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the location of the Shandong punch press requires strict control of the power supply voltage.

In addition, the fluctuation of the power supply voltage must be within the allowable range and be relatively stable, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the CNC system.

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