What are the good processes and methods for complex CNC part processing?

Analyze the characteristics of the processed material, then select the blank, and then select the blank according to the process design of the part. The selection of the blank mainly refers to the type of the blank, the manufacturing method and the blank size after the margin is selected. If the material of the complex parts is steel, it is necessary to deburr the complex parts according to the technical requirements, so that the shape is smooth and beautiful.When formulating the positioning reference of complex hardware parts, when selecting the rough reference, it is necessary to consider how to make the machining surface have more margins, and it can meet the surface processing size and position requirements, which is indispensable.Make a suitable process route; the process can't be wrong, and the order can't be messed up.The choice of machine tools; whether it is 3, 4 or 5 axes, there are parts suitable for machining. Different types of CNC parts need to be machined on different machine tools. Therefore, when selecting the machine, it should be based on the design requirements of the parts. Multiple measurements before shipment to ensure shipment yield. The products given to the customers are qualified!

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