Used injection moulds supplier

Are your need moulds urgently? Are you looking for a mould supplier? Are you searching for a good moulds supplier? Are you seeking for a second hand mould supplier?

China Holdings group have many second hand moulds in stock. The second hand moulds not the usedinjection mould, they are the new moulds. Cuz we made the moulds ready but the customers has capital problem and cannot afford the moulds, so we call them second-hand mould, actually they are new.
China now have some of injection moulds existing and they with good design and high quality.

Plastic injection chair moulds, net chair moulds, 1L bucket mould, 15L bucket moulds, crate moulds, thin wall IML container moulds and so on.
If you need moulds with high quality and urgently, pls contact us for further information.



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