TVS diodes and circuit protection guard against ESD and induced lightning

Eaton’s TVS Diode ESD Suppressors, available now from TTI Europe, offer highly reliable protection for electronics against extremely fast and damaging voltage transients, such as ESD and induced lightning. They are excellent for I/O interfaces, digital and analog signal lines by utilising very low clamping voltage and operate in nanoseconds.

These high power TVS Diodes give reliable overvoltage protection with very fast response times, low clamping voltage and high peak current capability in various electronic equipment. They are offered in surface mount and radial or through-hole footprints and utilise silicon avalanche technology for superior protection against damaging transient surges, from ESD to lightning strikes.

They are ideal for ESD Suppressors applications, including USB data ports, touchpads and buttons, HDMI, VGA, RS-232, DC power, RJ-45 (telecom, ethernet, xDSL PoE, etc.), RF antenna, video and audio ports. For high power applications they are suitable for consumer electronics, telecommunications, computing and servers, appliances, industrial automation, mobile and wearables, networking equipment, and Ethernet protection.

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