Tianshan Aluminum Industry’s Solid Waste Harmlessness and Recycling Project Passed Acceptance

On August 26, Tianshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.’s solid waste innocuous and recycling project passed the acceptance. The acceptance team is composed of Ji Liangzheng, senior engineer of Xinjiang Production and Environment Department, Li Yanghuiming, Environmental Monitoring Center of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and Chen Chunmei, senior engineer of Xinjiang Solid Waste Management Center.

It is understood that the project is to harmlessly treat the solid waste generated in the production process of Tianshan Aluminum’s electrolytic aluminum, and “turn waste into treasure” of this type of waste. The harmless treatment of carbon slag produces recycled cryolite and harmless carbon powder, and the harmless treatment of overhaul slag produces recycled steel rods and harmless filter cakes, so as to better realize the process of recycling solid waste materials of electrolytic aluminum .

The acceptance team formed an acceptance opinion after on-site inspection, random inspection of materials, discussion and review, and issued a conclusion on the acceptance of acceptance on the spot, and put forward follow-up requirements for environmental protection prevention and control measures, environmental risk accident prevention measures, and improvement of various environmental protection systems .

The completion of the project will greatly improve Tianshan Aluminum’s own solid waste treatment capacity and resource utilization level, and it will also lay a good foundation for the establishment of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region National High-tech Aluminum Product R&D Center for the aluminum industry in the future.

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