The technical requirements for shaft and axles parts by CNC turning

The technical requirements for shaft and axles parts by CNC turning
The technical requirements for shaft parts are based on the function and working conditions of shaft parts during CNC turning. Journals are the main surface of the shaft parts, which affect the shaft rotation accuracy and working conditions. The journal diameter accuracy according to its use requirements usually IT6 ~ 9, precision journal up IT5 level. 
About CNC turned parts, The geometry of the journal (roundness, cylindricity, etc.) will affect the quality of the contact with the mating part. Of precision requirements of the outer surface of the cylinder (such as journals) often provide tolerance. On the general accuracy of the journal, the tolerance acceptable journal tolerance of 1/2; precision journal, the tolerance to take journal tolerance of 1/4. The accuracy of mutual position of the shaft parts mainly refers to the coaxiality of the matching shaft of the assembling transmission part relative to the supporting shaft of the assembly bearing and is usually represented by the radial circle beating of the supporting journal by the matching shaft journal. According to the requirements, the high-precision axis is set to 0.001 ~ 0.005mm for precision machining parts, the general accuracy axis is 0.01 ~ 0.03mm. In addition, as well as the coaxiality of the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces and the verticality of the axis positioning end face and the axis line,
Depending on the part of the surface of the work site, there are different surface roughness requirements. General bearing journal surface roughness Ra0.2 ~ 0.8μm, with the journal or work surface roughness of the Ra0.8 ~ 3.2μm.
According to the shaft strength and wear resistance needs, the shaft bearing journal, with the journal or work surface and heat treatment (surface hardening, carburizing quenching, etc.) requirements. Some high-speed shaft parts with dynamic balance test requirements; some special-purpose shaft parts subject to inspection and so on; some shaft parts in order to increase strength, to avoid or reduce stress concentration, there are fillet shoulder requirements .
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