The Role of Container Corners

Container corners, also known as container corners, hanging corners, and feet. It is mainly used for lifting, handling, fixing, stacking and securing of containers. Any force on the container body is almost transmitted through corner pieces. As the outermost edge of the box, the corner fittings also play a role in protecting the entire box. Once the corner fittings are damaged or broken, the container may be worthless.

At present, the main material of the container corner fittings in the market is cast steel, the grade is SCW480 (SCW49). In recent years, the number of domestic corner fitting manufacturers has been increasing. The quality of the corner fittings produced varies greatly. Many small workshops cannot make corner fittings. Used for lifting, easy to crack and surface fragments. It is difficult to distinguish the difference of the corner pieces in the corner piece market. In addition to the ordinary naked eye observation of whether there are holes in the corner pieces, the basic treatment of trachoma is unqualified, and the difference between these products is analyzed from the test report.

1. Ensure the safe transportation of the product, without quality damage due to collision. If it is transported by sea, it is actually more important to ensure a safety issue during the transportation process. In sea transportation, there are often too many products and too many models to find, but when using this After planting container corner fittings, this problem can be solved immediately. Because all marine transportation products are operated in accordance with classification or in large quantities, it is very important that containers with bright colors can quickly find their direction. In addition, because this kind of container is very safe and firm, it can ensure a constant state under stable conditions, so it is said that there will be no damage due to collision.

2. Mainly plays an important role in the lifting, handling and fixing of the container. It is installed in the four corners of the container. It can be said that all the forces that the container bears need to pass through the container corner pieces. Once the container corner pieces are damaged and cannot be used, the entire container may collapse.

3. For the transmission of force, this requires that it must have a good force performance, and the design must be in line with the container to make it less force. Otherwise, the life of container corner fittings will not be long due to long-term stress.

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