The menstrual cup is a great gospel for women

The existence of the menstrual cup is actually earlier than our imagination. About 1987, some people in the United States have used menstrual cups.After years of development, the manufacturing technology of the menstrual cup has matured.


Jiajie is a silica gel factory with many years of technology accumulation.Jiajie can produce various types of silicone menstrual cups, and has the following advantages:

1. The silicone menstrual cup is made of 100% FDA silicone material.

2. The silicone menstrual cup is non-toxic, harmless, durable, flexible.

3. Long lasting, can be reused over and over again for up to 10 years.

4. Simple way to use and it is convenient for use.

5. Beautiful customized package is accepted.

Welcome everyone to Jiajie Consulting, purchase silicone menstrual cup,The sample is free.

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