The human-oriented design concept of hardware parts processing

With the continuous improvement of national living standards and the gradual advancement of urbanization, the customized hardware industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development, and market demand will continue to grow at a rate of 10%-15% per year. In the future custom hardware industry, the processing of hardware parts will gradually move from disorder to order, from irregular competition to standardized competition, and finally form a more complete business system and a continuously refined product system.

With the development of society, the concept of customized hardware and hardware parts processing has been extended in a broad sense. Culturally speaking, people have made a brand-new change and breakthrough in the consumption concept of hardware, and they have begun to change from the past functional needs to the enjoyment and appreciation on the spiritual level of individuation, fashion and human culture. The size, color and arrangement of hardware design must conform to the laws of human physiological and psychological activities to achieve the goals of safety, practicality, convenience, comfort and beauty.

The application of the theory of human mechanics allows hardware parts to be processed and customized hardware adapts to the human body rather than the human body to adapt to the hardware. The people-oriented design concept will be further valued, and customized hardware will emphasize comfort, coordination and simplicity.
In the future, more and more people will pay attention to the environmental protection, health and safety of hardware. This is because in the process of the highly developed modern industry, the destruction of the environment and sanitation by mankind has been completely out of control. Industrial pollution, food safety, and medicine and sanitation have become the three major killers of life, seriously threatening people’s health. Therefore, the environmental protection and safety of customized hardware have become the most important determinant indicators when customers choose to purchase.

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