The future of precision CNC machining is worth for our serious consideration

cnc machining parts requires higher precision and higher requirements. Now there are mechanical equipments, and the processing work is much faster. The quality problems are also due to the assistance of mechanical equipment, quality, and workmanship. The improvement, precision machining technology is also constantly updated, and the benefits after the update are more obvious.Has the development of the precision machining industry changed in recent years?
The precision Cnc Machining industries of mechanical parts is developing rapidly. How to seize the opportunity under the current situation is that all industry players must understand the development trend of our mechanical parts processing industry. Below is the chief engineer of our company, who will introduce four points for you to analyze the four major development trends of China's mechanical parts processing industry in the future:  First, the machine tool composite technology is further expanded With the advancement of cnc machine tool technology, the composite processing technology is becoming more and more mature, including milling-vehicle compounding, turning-milling compounding, car-镗-drill-gear processing and other composites, car grinding compounding, forming compound processing, special For complex machining, the efficiency of precision machining is greatly improved.
Second, the intelligent technology of CNC machine tools has made new breakthroughs, and it has been more reflected in the performance of CNC systems. Such as: automatic adjustment of interference anti-collision function, workpiece automatically exits safety zone power-off protection function after power-off, machining part detection and automatic compensation learning function, intelligently improve the function and quality of the machine tool. There is also a five-axis linkage high-speed machining center. Third, the robot makes the flexible combination higher efficiency The flexible combination of the robot and the host is widely used, making the flexible line more flexible, the function is further expanded, the flexible line is further shortened, and the efficiency is higher. Robotic and machining centers, turning and milling machine tools, grinding machines, gear processing machines, tool grinding machines, electric machining machines, sawing machines, stamping machines, laser processing machines, water cutting machines, etc. have begun to be applied in various forms of flexible units and flexible production lines.
Fourth, the precision machining of mechanical parts has made new progress. The machining precision of CNC cutting machine has been improved from the original wire level to the current micron level, and some varieties have reached about 0.0μm. The ultra-precision CNC machine tool's micro-cutting and grinding process can achieve a stable accuracy of about 0.0μm and a shape accuracy of about 0.0'μm. The special processing precision of light, electricity, chemical and other energy sources can reach nanometer level. Through the optimization of machine structure design, super-finishing and precision assembly of machine parts, high-precision full-dead loop control and dynamic error compensation techniques such as temperature and vibration, it enters the sub-micron and nano-scale super-precision era. 
Continuously improving the performance of functional components Functional components are constantly moving toward high speed, high precision, high power and intelligence, and have mature applications. All-digital AC servo motor and drive device, high-tech electric spindle, torque motor, linear motor, high-performance linear rolling component, high-precision spindle unit and other functional components are promoted and applied, greatly improving the technical level of CNC machine tools.
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