The difference between Dongguan CNC machining models

1. The CNC milling and machining center processed by Dongguan CNC is used to complete the processing equipment of the workpiece with a large amount of milling

2. CNC engraving and milling machine is used to complete small milling volume or soft metal processing equipment

3. High-speed cutting machine tools are used to complete the medium milling amount and reduce the grinding amount after milling to the lowest processing equipment

In-depth analysis of the structure of the above equipment can help us make the right choice

From the mechanical point of view, the machinery of the machine tool is divided into two parts, a moving part and a non-moving part: the working table, sliding plate, cross-flower table, etc. are the moving parts, and the bed base and the column are the non-moving parts.

1. CNC milling machining center:

The rigidity requirements of the non-moving parts of Cnc Machining in Dongguan are very good. The rigidity requirements of the mobile parts are very good.

Advantages: heavy cutting can be carried out; disadvantages: since the moving parts are also huge, the flexibility of the machine tool is sacrificed, and there is nothing to do with small parts and rapid feed.

2. CNC engraving and milling machine

The rigidity of the non-moving part is required to be good. The rigidity of the mobile part should be flexible as the prerequisite, and be as light as possible while maintaining a certain rigidity.

Advantages: relatively small processing can be carried out, and the processing accuracy is high. High-speed machining is possible for soft metals; disadvantages: heavy cutting is impossible due to poor rigidity.

3.–High-speed cutting machine

The rigidity requirements of the non-moving parts processed by CNC in Dongguan are very good, and the rigidity requirements of the moving parts are better, and they are as light as possible.

Advantages: It can carry out small and medium-sized cutting (for example, the general φ10 flat bottom knife, for the 45 steel (300) deep cutting depth is 0.75 is better); Disadvantages: under the correct use, it can be efficient, low-cost, and reduce the amount of grinding. Incorrect use will immediately pile up scraps of knives.

How to mechanically meet the above requirements of lightness, rigidity and good contradiction, the key lies in the work of the mechanical structure.

1. The bed body processed by CNC in Dongguan adopts a mesh structure with high and low ribs, and some directly adopt a honeycomb interconnected hexagonal mesh structure

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