The difference between a die-casting mold processing factory has a mold room and no mold room

Everyone knows that there are many factories in the die-casting Mold industry with different levels of technical strength and supporting equipment. So as a die-casting Mold processing plant in Dongguan, what are the differences between having a Mold room (die-casting mold processing workshop) and no mold room?

First of all, those with a mold room can independently complete the production and processing of each link of the die-casting mold without outsourcing assistance. The quality, construction period, and accuracy can be controlled. If there is no mold room, many processes need to be outsourced. Processing, so that the quality of the die-casting mold cannot be guaranteed, and the construction period will be severely restricted. The same set of die-casting molds will take different energy and time, and those with a mold room will often get twice the result with half the effort.

Secondly, it is the maintenance and repair of the die-casting mold during use. We all know that die-casting molds have a certain service life. If the product order is large, professional mold masters and various processing equipment in the mold room are required to provide effective maintenance. https://ptjcnc.comTake the aluminum alloy die-casting mold as an example. The service life is usually about 80,000 to 100,000 molds. However, when it is used for about 50,000 molds, a series of mold aging problems will occur, resulting in product accuracy, surface effect, and internal structure. Wait for it to be bad, and mold maintenance and repair are needed at this time. Those with mold rooms can often deal with it easily and independently. Those without mold rooms are more annoyed. Repeated outsourcing processing results in low efficiency and poor quality control and other negative effects.

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