STMicroelectronics releases new anti-radiation hardened devices to improve energy efficiency in aerospace applications

China, May 14, 2020-In order to further expand the product portfolio of aerospace-grade radiation hardened power devices, STMicroelectronics has launched new 200V and 400V power rectifiers that have passed ESCC (European Space Component Coordinating Committee) certification , And 45V and 150V anti-SEB effect Schottky rectifier.

The newly launched anti-radiation hardened Schottky diodes include 45V and 150V products with SEB tolerance up to 61MeV/cm2/mg LET (linear energy transfer). These two products are the industry’s first SEB rated Schottky diode products, suitable for Multiple converter topologies. Both 150V and 45V products can be directly connected to 100V and 28V satellite power buses. At 40A/125°C, the maximum forward voltage (VF) of the 150V device is 0.78V; the maximum forward voltage (VF) of the 45V device is 0.61V.

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STMicroelectronics has launched a total of 5 ESCC certified dual common cathode Schottky devices. Among them, STPS40A45C is a TO-254AA through-hole package 45V/2x20A diode; STPS80A45C 45V/2x40A, STPS60A150C 150V/2x30A and STPS80A150C 150V/2x40A are SMD .5 Seal surface mount devices. STPS40A150C 150V/2x20A is in TO254AA package.

The newly introduced rectifier diodes are STTH40200C 200V/2x20A dual diodes in TO-254AA package, STTH60200C 200V/2x30A dual diodes in SMD1 sealed mount and STTH60400 400V/60A single diodes.

The characterization test of ST’s new anti-radiation rectifier and Schottky diode proves that it can withstand up to 3 Mradf (silicon) total ionization dose (TID) radiation, ensuring that the voltage drop does not degrade under the four operating current values. Therefore, multiple different power supply designs can share one device, simplifying application design.

These products are manufactured in the Rennes plant of STMicroelectronics, France, using the same plane manufacturing process as STMicroelectronics AEC-Q101 automotive-grade certified products, and the product quality is excellent and guaranteed. The aerospace devices manufactured by STMicroelectronics’ Rennes plant have achieved more than 40 years of flight without failure.

At present, most models of new products are available. For inquiries and samples, please contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office.

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