STMicroelectronics manufactures first batch of 200mm silicon carbide wafers

China, July 27, 2021-STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving multiple Electronic applications, announced that ST’s Norrköping plant in Sweden has manufactured the first batch of 200mm ( 8-inch) silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, which will be used to produce prototypes of next-generation power electronics chips. The upgrade of SiC wafers to 200mm marks an important phased success of ST’s expansion plan for automotive and industrial customers, consolidates ST’s leadership in this pioneering technology field, and improves the lightweight and energy efficiency of power electronic chips. Reduce the total cost of ownership for customers to acquire these products.

ST’s first batch of 200mm SiC wafers are of high quality, with very few defects affecting chip yield and crystal dislocations. The low defect rate is inseparable from the deep accumulation and precipitation of STMicroelectronics Silicon Carbide (formerly Norstel, acquired by ST in 2019) in the development of SiC silicon ingot growth technology. In addition to wafers meeting strict quality standards, upgrading SiC wafers to 200mm also requires upgrading and replacement of manufacturing equipment and the overall support ecosystem. STMicroelectronics is cooperating with upstream and downstream technology manufacturers in the supply chain to develop its own manufacturing equipment and production processes.

STMicroelectronics’ advanced mass-produced silicon carbide product STPOWER SiC is currently manufactured in two 150mm wafer fabs in Catania (Italy) and Ang Mo Kio (Singapore), and the post-process manufacturing is in Shenzhen (China) and BUSS. Two assembly and testing plants in Kula (Morocco). This phased success is part of ST’s more advanced and cost-effective 200mm SiC mass production plan. The upgrade of SiC wafers to 200mm is part of the company’s ongoing production plan to build a new SiC substrate plant and internally purchase SiC substrates accounting for more than 40%.

Marco Monti, President of ST’s Automotive and Discrete Device Products Division, said: “The automotive and industrial markets are accelerating the electrification of systems and products. The upgrade of SiC wafers to 200mm will bring huge benefits to our automotive and industrial customers. With the It is important to increase output and improve economies of scale. Accumulating deep expertise in the internal SiC ecosystem covering the entire manufacturing chain can improve our manufacturing flexibility, and more effectively control wafer yield and quality improvement .”

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