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What is Stack mold?

The defining of Stack Mold are two (or more) mold parting surface or mold split lines in one mold.
Instead of increasing the mold size by adding more cavities, a stack mold maintains mold size and machine size by adding a second layer of cavities parallel to the first layer. In order to improved efficiency of foldable crates molding, per foldable crate parts molding by stack mould.
Advantage of Stack Mold for foldable crate mould,
1.Doubled Output
Without increasing the machine platen size you can double the amount of cavities producing parts. The fill, pack and cooling time remain the same for a stack mold and only the mold open and mold close time will add to the cycle time. Foldable crate contains five part, the cycle time of per part will be reduce half time than single-face mould.
2.Reduced unit part Price .
The part price is determined by the machine hour rate, which is directly related to the machine clamp tonnage. A Foldable crate stack mould requires only about half clamp tonnage than a single-face mold with same number of cavities. The price of foldable crates are reduced by using smaller machine.
3.Efficiency and Improved Automation .
Stack molds can produce multi-component assemblies in one shot and in one machine using the same parameters. Several parts of foldable crates can be produced in the one layer of stack mould, also same with other layer. Compared with single-face mould,stack mold do not requires multiple machines,and post-molding operations.
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