Spindle punching method for precision CNC machining

1. Two-line and one-hard Cnc Machining center with precision CNC machining X, Y, Z three-axis travel: 1000×600×600mm.

2. The main shaft transmission mode is belt type, the maximum speed is 8000rpm (standard), and the direct-connected main shaft 12000rpm/15000rpm can be selected according to the customer’s requirements.

3. Choose according to user needs: 20-knife fast ATC for cam, or 24knife absolute ATC for knife arm, to meet the needs of different customers.

4. The head unit is a heavy box structure. The internal ribs are strengthened and have high rigidity.

5. The spindle tooling method of precision CNC machining adopts oil pressure mechanism, the spindle is evenly stressed during tooling, and the life of the bearing is prolonged.

6. The electrical box adopts an internally divided and isolated design to separate the heating source of the controller. A heat exchanger is used to dissipate heat in the front to prevent external dust from entering the electrical box; a fan is used on the rear to dissipate heat from the fan hot plate.

7. The three-axis of precision CNC processing adopts high-precision ball screws, combined with precision nut pre-compression and tail pre-tensioning devices, to ensure that the machine backlash and thermal deformation are kept at a low value for a long time.

8. X, Y axis adopts linear slide rail, fast moving speed is 24m/min, Z axis adopts hard rail, fast moving speed is 18m/min, three-axis chip feed is 8/8/8 (m/min), provided High-speed and stable cutting feed.

9. X and Y axis adopt linear slide rail, and Z axis adopts hard rail, which has high rigidity, low noise and low friction, which can make rapid displacement and obtain the best cycle accuracy.

10. All finished products processed by precision CNC have undergone laser positioning correction and circular testing. To ensure the best positioning accuracy and servo characteristics. In addition, the machine undergoes strict inspection measures before shipment to ensure long-term stability of the accuracy of the machine.

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