Specifications of the Ministry of Machinery Industry-the way of compiling valve models

This standard applies to gate valves, globe valves, throttle valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, plug valves, check valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, traps, and plunger valves in industrial pipelines. Q c c! N0~ m$V H#~+A8W9Vwww.haofm.com 1. The method of preparing the valve model is as follows: control valve|control valve|valve|website|control valve1S#{ a _/J#j x2| j[attach]599[/attach]p N)X j$F j u&E 2. The type code is expressed in Chinese pinyin letters, according to the regulations in Table 1. Control valve|Control valve|Valve|Website|control valve8o&Y.I:EP!O/^ N{w7y)^ s”E0u+Vwww.haofm.com Type Code Code Type Code www.haofm.com] z”N ])_3t Gate valve Z Cock valve X Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve|Website|control valve9` P7W/H1w V [email protected]/J Globe valve J Check valve and bottom valve Self-regulating valve|x control|Control valve| I(Q ^ u T Throttle Valve L Relief Valve A B*YE(_5F&d i Regulating Valve|Control Valve|Valve Network|Technical Data Ball Valve Q Q Relief Valve Y www.haofm.com ~ q(ky) ~Butterfly valve D Drain trap S]%h F ^ }6S p1k Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve network|Technical information Diaphragm valve G Plunger valve U {7f&~ n vwww.haofm.com0m-d&#8] L _,shao valve net Note: For valves with low temperature (below minus 40 degrees Celsius), heat preservation (with heating layer) and bellows, add “D”, “B” and “W” in Chinese pinyin before the type code. Adjustment Valve|control valve|valve network|technical data~ RS d)? jf G control valve|control valve|valve|website|control valve F(j#mt%i’w;BG x3. The code of the transmission mode is indicated by Arabic numerals, )A$v8l SW transmission mode codename: www.haofm.com3O ^+cI )+[electromagnetic motion 0 0} Umbrella gear 1 M 0 ^ 7 {control valve|control valve|valve|e 2 Y 7 control valve|control valve|valve|control valve|valve|7 $Xcontrol|Control valve|Regulating valve|Self-operated solenoid-hydraulic 1)g _ a A3E4fwww.haofm.com Pneumatic 6 Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve network|Technical data u%h)J l @Electric-hydraulic 2 Hao valve network I9q D#?8v k {:^ E)E;c5x)qHydraulic 7 Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve net|Technical data f,Za i8l-R z Worm gear 3 7?*{ S”I’x#j }] Qwww.haofm.com gas-hydraulic 8 9G h `2z/~ Y x'{3p Haofm Spur Gear 4 www.haofm.com nw”_G m oQ Electric 9 s”X2T9b*Y’o U3],v 0 Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve|Website|control valveNote: (1) This code is omitted for handwheel, hand beam and wrench drive, as well as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, and traps. S P W8[ t ^ (2) For pneumatic or hydraulic: normally open type is represented by 6K, 7K; normally closed type is represented by 6B, 7B; pneumatic belt manual is represented by 6S, and explosion-proof electric is represented by “9B”. Worm-T-nuts are represented by 3T. Hao Valve Network $_(@(L;b(O };Vg GI @(@!pr ]8h N2q Ycontrol|Control Valve|Regulating Valve|Self-operated 4. The code of the connection form is indicated by the Arabic numeral code, as shown in Table 3. Regulations. 5_&D{Nf”G(th*[ LNz @ O n [2p)B o Table 3J A”R W2n a”i5` Q control valve|control valve|valve network|technical data control valve|control valve|valve| Website|control valve7Q*B +]’ID wk3T r+t connection form code 6h ~ c MC$] g) Q Ocontrol|Control valve|Regulating valve|Self-operated internal [email protected] `7|!kg;c BP adjustment Valve|Control valve|Valve net|Technical data folder 7 Good valve net! A4K u8M r$K v L(`External thread 2 m.PJ0k F(B d clamp 8) control|control valve|regulating valve|self-operated P WH*l’o G flange 4 HCLC | e-card sleeve 9 control|control valve|regulating valve|self-operated 2y&|S p0h.L `eS welding 6 K v! DLH z ^%f”ud l uA l” C2S Good Valve Network 5. The structural form code is expressed in Arabic numerals, according to the regulations in Table 4~13 r f3~2D:?www.haofm.com[attach]600[/attach]z [email protected] O)M uR e control valve |Control Valve|Valve Network|Technical Information[attach]601[/attach]Hao Valve Network! ko BZA z%a s2_[attach]602[/attach]www.haofm.com O t QF ^7G Note: (1) For lever type safety valves, add “G” in Chinese pinyin before the type code. Hao Valve Network 8g m1j b%C a%S (2) Pulse type auxiliary valve is represented by 9a. Regulating valve|Control valve|Valve network|Technical data 9 ~ pf T7X [Table 12 Good Valve Network*{0S l6K”p!LW Good Valve Network m;e!c2G%[email protected] ^ NA Pressure reducing valve structure code d O1G s*` Membrane type 1 z&~ {@ K dwww .haofm.com Spring film type 2 h%nN D(M i Piston type 3 y8? F&? mcontrol|Control valve|Regulating valve|Self-operated bellows type 4 www.haofm.com i9e%L:O _#^? Lever type 5 control|control valve|regulating valve|self-operated P ‘B ]0]’IU Xr3l a {)@:u S Q4Z good valve netlist 13N*n+i!L y V$q;w:^regulating valve|control valve|valve|website|control valve www.haofm .com ~ O”L+i d PT

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