Some Problems With Solutions For CNC Machining

cnc machining is an effective way to solve the problems of many types of parts, small batches, complex shapes, and high precision, and to achieve efficient and automated machining. The CNC processing quality is stable, the surface texture of the finished product is clear, the metal texture is firm, smooth, and flat, without scratches and edges. So what are the common problems in Cnc Machining? How to solve it? Let's understand it together:
Which CNC machining is better ?I. Overcutting of CNC workpieces:1. Rebound, the strength of the cutter is not too long or too small, causing the cutter to reel.2. Improper operation by the operator.3. Uneven cutting allowance. (Eg: 0.5 on the side of the surface and 0.15 on the bottom)4. Improper cutting parameters (such as too large tolerance, SF setting too fast, etc.). Solutions for CNC cutting workpiece overcutting:1. The principle of using a knife: can be big or small, short or long.2. Add a clear angle program, and the remaining amount should be as uniform as possible (the remaining amount on the side and the bottom should be consistent).3. Reasonably adjust the cutting parameters and round the corners with large margins.4. Using the SF function of the machine tool, the operator fine-tunes the speed to achieve the best effect of machine tool cutting. Problems in CNC processing:1, the operator is not accurate when manual operation.2, there are burrs around the mold.3. The middle rod is magnetic.4. The four sides of the Mold are not vertical. Solutions to problems in CNC processing:1. Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the division should be at the same point and the same height.2. Use a stone or file to remove the burrs around the mold, wipe it with a rag, and confirm by hand.3. Demagnetize the centrifugal rod before dividing the mold.4. Calibrate and check whether the four sides of the mold are vertical. Third, CNC machining tool setting problem:1, the operator is not accurate when manual operation.2, The tool is clamped incorrectly.3. The blade on the flying knife is wrong (the flying knife itself has a certain error).4. There is an error between R knife, flat bottom knife and flying knife. Solution to the problem of CNC tool setting:1. Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the knife setting should be at the same point as much as possible.2. When the cutter is clamped, use a blow gun to clean it or wipe it with a rag.3. A blade can be used when the blade on the flying knife needs to measure the shank and the bottom surface.4. Separate a tool setting program to avoid the error between the R knife and the flat knife.
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