Some Opinions on the Design and Production Maintenance of Precision High Speed Stamping Die

Some Opinions on the Design and Production Maintenance of Precision High Speed ​​stamping Die

High-speed stamping production technology is highly developed in the market economy due to its high efficiency and high-quality precision. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, high-speed and precision stamping technology has attracted more and more attention from many related industries in industrial production, and its efficiency, reliability, Stability has become the main subject of continuous breakthroughs and research in continuous stamping technology. In today’s era of upgrading and technological innovation, the pace of technological innovation is getting faster and faster. The rapid development of molds, the application of automation technology, optical technology, and electromechanical integration technology have also been continuously applied and breakthroughs.

Precision high-speed stamping die structure The commonly used structures of precision high-speed stamping die are two-plate mold, drawer mold (modular Mold) and three-plate mold (also called eight-plate mold). The second-platen mold is designed and fixed on the lower mold plate with a medium-pressure stripping function structure. The whole set of molds is named after two relatively independent wholes. It is characterized by high precision and small stamping stroke. However, due to the high machining accuracy requirements of the mold parts, the high processing cost is largely replaced by the three-plate mold.

Engaged in the design and manufacture of precision stamping dies, and the modular mold base is designed to adapt to the structure of multiple modules for rapid loading and unloading. It solves the problem of frequent switching in production with multiple material numbers. Offline line change and rapid mold change have become worthy of the name. However, due to its relatively complex structure, the high cost of mold manufacturing and high requirements for punching parameters, its application is limited to products with multiple material numbers; medium-pressure production of three-plate molds, as the name implies, consists of upper molds and stripper plates. , The three template groups of the lower mold are suitable for single material numbers or less material numbers; medium-voltage production has the characteristics of simple structure, low processing cost, high precision, convenient maintenance, and good stability. Used by most mold design and stamping manufacturers. Relatively speaking, the three-platen mold can replace the two-platen mold to some extent, and the drawer mold is more advantageous in the production of multiple material numbers. Therefore, the three-plate mold and the drawer mold have become the mainstream of the precision high-speed copper stamping industry at this stage. No matter which structure of the mold, its working principle and functional structure are the same.

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