Some Daily Maintenance Of CNC Lathe Processing Machines Tools

Daily maintenance of CNC lathe processing machine:
      1. Check and calibrate the CNC lathe processing machine level and mechanical accuracy on time. There are two methods of calibrating the mechanical accuracy of CNC lathes: hard and soft. The hard method is usually carried out during the overhaul of the machine tool, such as rail guide scraping, ball screw nut pair pre-tension adjustment in the opposite direction, etc .; while the soft method is mainly based on system parameter compensation, such as the screw in the opposite direction, compensation, and coordinates Positioning accuracy fixed-point compensation, machine tool reference position calibration, etc.

      2. Clean or replace the filters or sub-filters of the lubrication, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems of the CNC lathe processing machine on time; perform oil test inspection, add and replace the hydraulic oil on the hydraulic system of the CNC lathe on time; The water separator air filter of the lathe processing machine releases water.
      3. It is forbidden to put overweight and long tools into the tool magazine of CNC lathe processing machine tools to prevent the robot from falling off or the tool colliding with the workpiece and fixture when changing tools; often check whether the return position of the tool magazine is correct. Is the machine tool spindle tool return position in place and adjusted immediately? When starting, it should be operated with the tool magazine and manipulator empty to check whether each part is working properly, and it is very important that the stroke switches and solenoid valves can work normally.
      4. CNC lathe processing equipment is an advanced processing equipment with a high degree of automation and a complicated structure. To make full use of the efficiency of CNC equipment, correct use and careful daily maintenance are required to ensure the normal operation and high performance of the equipment. Utilization.CNC lathe processing machine integrates machine, electricity, and fluid in one. For this reason, CNC equipment has high demand for maintenance and maintenance personnel.In addition to the routine daily maintenance mentioned in the article, the actual special maintenance and maintenance should also be performed in accordance with the detailed operation guide manual of the actual CNC equipments.
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