silicone material and color


     At the first sight of these products, we will be attracted by the colorful silicone material, which is a kind of creative and environmental silicone. Materials of modern life articles should be safe and silicone is not really strange in daily life. Most baby teats are made of silicone. Silicone is a kind of highly active absorbent whose main ingredients is silicon dioxide. It is non-toxic, tasteless and boasts rather good flexibility. Many years ago, it has already become the best material of “baby pacifier”. At the same time it does not dissolve in water and other solvents and has chemical stability. It does not react to any other materials except alkali and hydrofluoric acid. These features make it the first choice for completely environmental supplies in modern life.
The kitchen household items regard mensal as the  best Display platform, not only highlighting the concept of home, also using more vibrant colors to express nature, environmental protection, health, and colorfulness. The integration of fresh fruit or vegetables and tableware conveys the human philosophy of the harmony of human beings and nature.

While many materials can hardly satisfy the demand for colors, silicone has presented choices of environmental color. Life needs to be more simple jump elements,and color has become a new source of inspiration–natural colors enables silicone to fill life with joys. Do you want to make your kitchen cozy, or be compatible with nature, or do you prefer to make your family life more interesting? Why not change your tableware and add some gorgeous colors?

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