Short cycle time preform mould maker

Sino Holidngs group has a branch of Sino-pk specialized in manufacture PET preform moulds with hot runner valve gate.We have made 8,16,24,48 cavities PET preform moulds.
Our mould with following characteristic:
1:Standard components interchangeable for each core and cavity
2:Precise control thickness within 0.015mm,weight in 0.10g
3:Mould steel material stainless S136 after quenching HRC 50+/-2 mould lifetime 5M
4:Best cooling system in core and neck screw inserts, shorten the cycle time
5:Our preform mould would be passed by first test, then ready for shipment.
Pls see photos of our preform product with high transparent even no defects.

We supply trunkey solution for bottle production line:
_PET preform moulds
_Injection molding machine
_Blowing mould
_Blowing machine
_Auxiliary equipment(Auto loader,dryer,mixer,chiller,Air compressor,)
If you’re interested in this project pls kindly contact with me.

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