Several kinds of thread processing methods commonly used in aluminum casing CNC processing plants

When it comes to thread processing, many people will have a mist, so what is thread processing? The so-called thread processing is a kind of processing method commonly used in aluminum casing CNC processing factories. The tools used to make threads generally involve cutting, milling and other methods. The progress of cnc machining center technology is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable way when performing thread processing.In aluminum casing CNC processing plants, the common thread processing method is tap processing. We can take a closer look, the accuracy of the parts machined in this way is not very high, there is an important step before the thread processing can not forget, that is to determine the thread bottom hole. The reason why it is so important is because of the length of use of the tap and the quality of the part. When we make the determination, we must select the determined value according to the size of the thread, and the data is larger than the above, so that there is a margin for cutting.Aluminum casing CNC processing plants are also skilled in the selection of taps when performing threading. Since it is an aluminum material, it is suitable to use a suitable tap of the aluminum material. If the tap of the cast iron is used for the processing of the aluminum part, the thread will be soft, easy to fall, and the tap will be broken.You should also spend a lot of effort on programming. The programming of the tap is also very simple. The fixed pattern we have in the programming is for the tap. You can input each data without errors, so that you can produce it. Qualified thread.
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