Server-grade PXIe controller with Coffee Lake Xeon E

Server-grade PXIe controller with Coffee Lake Xeon E

Called PXIe-3988, it is aimed particularly at the test and measurement market, and has data interfaces for various generations of test equipment.

The processor’s six 2.8GHz cores run up to 12 threads for multi-tasking, and main interface is PCI Express 3.0 (back wards compatible with 2.x and 1.x) configurable as two x8 links or four x4 links – offering up to 16Gbyte/s total.

Server-grade PXIe controller with Coffee Lake Xeon EOther interfaces include two DisplayPort connectors for two monitors, dual USB 3.0 connections for high speed peripheral devices, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports – one for LAN connection and the other for controlling LXI instruments, four USB 2.0 ports for peripheral devices and USB instrument control, and a Micro-D GPIB connector for GPIB instrument connection, for hybrid PXI-based testing systems control.

“With the rapid growth of testing applications in several industries, customers have high-performance requirements for applications in industries such as the electric vehicle, telecommunications, Semiconductor, data centre and optics,” said Adlink director Jeremy Wu. “The PXIe-3988 is a powerful yet budget-conscious choice for test and measurement that meets the needs of these demanding applications.”

As ordered, it comes with with 16Gbyte of memory, a 512Gbyte SSD and with or without Windows 10 LTSC.

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