Rough machining and finishing processes of hardware parts processing

Does the processing content belong to the same process? What are simple processes and complex processes?

Answer: To judge whether the processing content of hardware parts belongs to the same process, the key lies in whether the same workpiece is processed continuously. When processing a part on a machine tool, even though the workpiece is disassembled and assembled and the tool is changed many times during the processing, as long as the other workpiece is not processed, all the processing contents belong to the same process.

If there are few processing contents in a process, only one installation, one station and few work steps are called simple processes. If a process has a lot of processing content, many steps, and sometimes even multiple installations, this process is called a complex process.

What are the characteristics of the three processes of rough machining, finishing and finishing of hardware parts processing?

Answer: The characteristics of roughing, finishing and finishing processes are as follows:

(1) Rough machining process of hardware parts processing The process of cutting most of the machining allowance from the workpiece to make the shape and size close to the requirements of the finished product is the rough machining process. Its processing accuracy is low, and the surface roughness value is large. It is generally used for the final processing of low-demand or non-matching surfaces, and also as a pre-processing for finishing.

(2) Finishing process The process that cuts less machining allowance from the rough-machined surface to make the workpiece achieve higher machining accuracy and surface quality is the finishing process. For metal parts processing, such as the surface of the workpiece, there is no particularly high requirement, and finishing is often used as the final processing.

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