Rockwell Automation Introduces New Line of IEC Industrial Relays to Help Save Energy and Simplify Selection

(February 19, 2021) Rockwell Automation introduces a new line of IEC industrial relays, the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 700-EF, a control relay with a wide range of general-purpose coils for applications requiring heavier load switching in industrial environments. The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 700-EF’s four coil options cover control voltages from 24V to 500V (50 Hz to 60 Hz, DC), simplifying selection. Compared to standard non-Electronic coils, these contactors (contactors not mentioned earlier) can reduce surge apparent power (VA) by up to 68% and seal VA by more than 75%, resulting in energy savings. At the same time, the coil input terminals can be moved from the line side to the load side of the contactor without disassembly.

The Links:   KCS057QV1BR-G21 NL6448AC30-10

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