Review Of The Best Selling Silicone Products On 2019

This week, China manufacturer has begun resume producing gradually.  And our factory has prepared to accept new orders.As a silicone products manufacturer and supplier, obviously we are concerned about silicone industry. This essay is mainly talking about the several popular foreign trade products on 2019 and estimating the probably most hot selling goods on 2020.Review of 2019, several silicone products is hot selling though there are affect of "Trade War". Silicone Airpods Case , Mobbile Phone Case, Food Storage Bags & Wraps are the top 3 hot inquiry products of foreign customers.
According to my personal analysis, mobbile phone case cover will continute be popular due to it is a consumables product having a large market. Mobbile phone is an important tool for people in nowadays. According to incomplete statistics, near 5.4 billion people is using cell phone. Abviously, even there are only ten percent people will choose silicone phone case, it means a surprisingly large demands of silicone protective phone cover. Besides, over half people will change a more fashion phone pretective cover case after few months using. Our factory will launch more new phone case(new design, new color and new pattern) to satisfy our client's need and increase sales. 

In addition, as for the airpods protective case, its demands is influenced by new product releases of electronics manufacturers. Electronics manufacturers release new products every year. Whether they will release another hot new substitute of airpods? It is unclear. Despite the trend of silicone airpods case is unclear, it is clear that there are some order coming from some countries or area where be enthusastic to 2019 new airpods.

With more and more people be concern about issue of environment and pullution, in recent years, alternatives of Plastic products is increasingly pupular, includng eco-friendly silicone products. In 2019 order of reusable silicone food storage bags or silicone wraps increase rapidly is partly due to 2019 plastic ban. Environmental product, obviously  will occupy more and more place of top selling products.

What will be 2020 top seling produts?Due to COVID-19, it is clear that masks now is one of the top inquiry products on online selling website.  And due to the supply and demand contradiction, our product silicone filtering respirator face mask become one of the mainly profit product of first half of 2020.

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